University of Kent: Late Antiquity Research Cluster Public Lectures

Public Lectures on Late Antiquity Autumn 2023 @ UniKent

Public Lecture UoKent RCLA

Weds 29th November 5.15pm UK time

Dr Anna Lampadaridi (CNRS HiSoMA UMR 5189 Lyon)

Translating a Latin Legend into Greek: the Life of Hilarion by Jerome

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Meeting ID: 928 7142 1862 Passcode: 093272

Latin hagiographical legends that found their way into Greek are fewer than Greek hagiographical texts translated into Latin, and have therefore been overlooked by modern scholars; as a result, these sources remained on the margins of the history of translation in the Middle Ages. Composed by Jerome at the end of the 4th century, the Life of the Monk Hilarion (BHL 3879) was translated into Greek in a variety of contexts. We will be discussing the two main Greek versions of the Life of Hilarion (BHG 752 and 753), in order to trace the various stages involved in the transfer of the Hilarion’s legend to Byzantium. We are currently preparing the first complete critical edition of Life BHG 752, a verbatim translation of the Latin Life into Greek, which is an extremely rare and fundamental text for the understanding of translations from Latin into Greek in Byzantium. The Life BHG 753, the most popular free rewriting of the Life of Hilarion in Greek, played a key-role in the reception of this Latin legend in Byzantium. By shifting the focus from translations from Greek into Latin to translations from Latin into Greek, the project sets out new approaches to understand contacts between West and East.

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